Park quickly

SPINWIRE is a vehicle detection solution that will guide you to your nearest parking spot so you get more time for what you really want. SPINWIRE was inspired on modern magnetic hard-drive data storage technology and has inherited over 15 years of hardware manufacturing at IGSresearch.

SPINWIRE comprises a unique integrated hardware/software solution enabling high-rate and flaw-less magnetic sensing in as difficult urban environment as close-packed, heavy-traffic city parkings.

SPINWIRE combines reliability with cost and energy efficiency, requires minimal and traffic non-disruptive maintenance, produces no used batteries or other contaminant waste, and is robust against vandalism.

SPINWIRE functionalities can be extended by adding LED Spinlight for easy identification of overtime cars in meter zones or loading/unloading zones, easy navigation through the parking lot, or identifying pre-booked spaces.

IGS has been awarded the exclusive INNOVATE SME seal
for its achievements in projects funded by the Spanish Government.

Proyecto cofinanciado por el Ministerio de Industria, Energia y Turismo,
dentro del plan Nacional de Investigacion Cientifica, desarrollo e Innovacion Tecnologica 2013-2016.
Proyecto TSI-100103-75.